Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Myszka Miki/Micky Mouse

Tym razem postanowiliśmy nie iść na zywiol, tylko zrobić coś według instrukcji. Wybór padł na Myszkę Miki. Zrobiliśmy dwie - pierwsza jest mniejsza i ma wesołe, uśmiechnięte spodenki (zgadnijcie czyj to był pomysł). Druga jest większa i niestety ma problemy z kręgosłupem, to dlatego nie potrafi stać prosto.
Zdecydowanie musimy popracować nad oczami, bo jak na razie to nam najmniej wychodzi. A tak przy okazji, wolimy tworzyć z głowy :)


This time we decided to actually follow instructions and decided to make Mickey Mouse. We created two - the first one is smaller and has happpy and smiley pants (guess whose idea it was?:). The second one is bigger and unfortunately got into a fight which resulted in spine injury, that's why it doesn't stand straight. We definitely have to work on the eyes. So far this is our the weakest point. And by the way, we're not planning to follow any more instructions.

Myszka Miki Nr 1.
Mickey Mouse No.1
Myszka Miki Nr 2.
Mickey Mouse No.2

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Mr. Penguin/ Pan Pingwin

After the coldest and longest winter in England for forty years, it is understandable some confusion resulted with which are the native birds. Mr. Penguin got really confused as he migrated first north then south and finally just took a B.A. flight into Heathrow. With Borders and Immigration and the Home Office handling his paperwork and the cabin crew of B.A. on strike again, it seems he will be stuck here even as the weather turns warm for a few days.